Clearance Sale!

The bags listed below are on clearance, so quantities are limited.  Most of them were one-time buys, so the colors and/or sizes do not match our regular stock.  There may also be variances in shade among bags of a particular color, although we will fill orders with the same shade whenever possible.  Please note that the quantity shown in stock is only updated once per day, so the actual quantity available may be lower than shown.  We will contact you if we do not have sufficient inventory to fill your order.

3x4 Bags only $0.08 each

1254 in stock

3x4 Lavender
Qty:  $0.08 ea

132 in stock

3x4 Light Blue
Qty:  $0.08 ea


4.5x5.5 Bags only $0.12 each

902 in stock

4.5x5.5 Lavender
Qty:  $0.12 ea

220 in stock

4.5x5.5 Black
Qty:  $0.12 ea


5x8 Bags only $0.20 each

250 in stock

5x8 Black
Qty:  $0.20 ea

The 5x8 Black bags on clearance have a dark green satin ribbon (our normal bags have a black ribbon)


6x9 Bags only $0.27 each

2845 in stock

6x9 Burgundy
Qty:  $0.27 ea

4000 in stock

6x9 Emerald
Qty:  $0.27 ea


6x15 Bags only $0.36 each

226 in stock

6x15 Burgundy
Qty:  $0.36 ea

238 in stock

6x15 Gold
Qty:  $0.36 ea





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